Blogging and Social Media Prompts Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle for business owners who need help with their social media and blogging content.

In this bundle you’ll receive:

  • 1 pack of the 52 card Social Media Prompts
  • 1 pack of the 52 card Blogging Prompts.

Save yourself £10 with this bundle.



Do you find you get stumped when it comes to ideas on what to blog about and share on your social media platforms in your business?  You know the importance of blogging and showing up consistently on social media but you’re just not sure what to write about?

Us too. And this is the exact reason we’ve created these two packs of 52 cards to help get your creative ideas flowing in your business.

This card decks, both come complete in a hardy tin, helps you to create relevant, engaging and powerful content for your business.

Use these cards to map out ideas, focus and consistent content to get you started on sharing your business, how you help your clients, your insights, views, help and help to stand out in the crowd.

Both packs of the 52 cards all come with a header so you can ‘mix up’ the kind of content you blog about.

  • Your Story
  • Your Business
  • Your Clients


By focusing on these three themes, it will ensure your content strikes that balance of these key areas to showcase you, your business and give readers a feel for what it would be like to work with or buy from you.

Use these cards daily, weekly or monthly to plan out your content.  Blogging and showing up on social media is a great way to increase your visibility, showcase your views and opinions that speak to your ideal clients and increases your chances of being found through blogging via your SEO.

Who would benefit from these blogging prompt cards?

  • These cards are perfect for product, service or premise-based businesses.
  • Anyone who appreciates the importance of blogging and social media and wants that helpful prompt to help them stick to writing and sharing consistently in their business.
  • They’re a handy size and come in a hardy tin so you can refer to these prompts time and time again in your business.
  • For anyone keen to start blogging, or up their blogging game or make changes to their social media content these prompts are a go-to resource for all business owners.


You can, of course, buy the packs separately.  Each pack is £20.  Check out Social Media Prompts and Blogging Prompts.