A4 Weekly Content Planner Desk Pad (50 Sheets)

This clever desk pad will help you stay organised and consistent with your content marketing.  With plenty of space and flexibility to map out your key messages across the marketing channels you use in your planner.  in business. With plenty of space for daily plans, key tasks that you want and need to get done and even space to remind yourself what you’ve got to look forward to over the weekend.  This is the perfect A4 weekly planner to make notes and jot stuff done.



This clever A4 desk pad will help you stay stylishly organised and consistent with your marketing messaging in business.

With space for 5 messages per day (don’t feel you need to fill each box), you can plot out your marketing messages across any given week.  Include the content for social media, your Facebook groups, email marketing, networking, PR, advertising, follow up with 121’s.  You fill in the headers to best suit your business’s needs.

A practical and versatile weekly planner pad to keep messages consistent and coherent.  Don’t forget, to avoid overwhelm repurpose and recycle content.  Keep yourself organised, focussed and on track with this handy A4 weekly planner.

  • Each pad comes with 50 pages with easy to tear pages and a thick cardboard backing.
  • The A4 Weekly Content Planner includes
  • Dedicated and ample space for each day to write down your key messages per marketing channel
  • The pad offers optimum flexibility with 5 columns per day.