Welcome to Thrive Collective

Thrive is an online and in-person community for aspirational women who run their own businesses. We support each other to connect, collaborate, learn and thrive together in business.

We are women who are energised by other women’s successes and equally motivated by our own. Women who are ready to take their businesses to the next level!

Thrive was set up in 2018 by multiple business owner Sam Dixon who quickly realised the importance of having supportive, well connected and inspirational women around her in business.

“Running your business can be tough. I know how truly exciting and empowering running your own business. But I know it can be lonely, overwhelming and frustrating. When it’s great you want to celebrate but it’s not quite as much fun when you’re high-fiving yourself is it? This is the exact reason I set up Thrive Collective. To create a community of like-minded women who get it”.

Sam, founder of the Thrive Collective Club.

I get the importance of growing your business and the impact of having a network around you.  At the core of Thrive is our online and in-person events to help you thrive in business.  Alongside our supportive members community and our Members Hub packed with recorded training, worksheets and resources.

Thrive is a UK wide community. We’ve got both in-person and online events so it’s perfect for ambitious women in business who need flexibility.

Connect | Collaborate | Learn | Thrive

  • Are you a woman who runs her own business and who loves meeting other like-minded ambitious women?
  • Do you enjoy getting out of your regular environment to expand your network and your business?  
  • Do you miss conversations ‘around the watercooler’ and know that a problem shared is a problem solved? It can be isolating running your own business. We get it.
  • Are you looking at investing your time to increase your knowledge and confidence in key areas in business at regular events?
  • Are you looking for relaxed networking events that says no to stuffiness and have ‘lock out policies’?


If you’ve found yourself nodding to the questions above, then we think you’ll love the Thrive vibe.


We love a good Meet Up and growing our connections. It’s not what you know but who you know. We do this both virtually and in person. We know that building relationships comes from being comfortable and so we’re not about stuffy networking sessions, forced referrals or ‘lock outs’. We believe in community over competition and so every woman is welcome at our monthly members- networking events. And if you’re not yet a member, come and visit us twice before deciding if Thrive is right for you.  

Our Meet Ups take place online an in various locations across Hertfordshire, Essex and London.  With plans to launch more very soon.


What impact would it make to have a team of like-minded women alongside you in biz?  Women you could regularly talk to, thrash out ideas, ask for help or hold you accountable? We believe we’re stronger together and so collaborating is a key pillar of Thrive. Our regular in-person and online events are ways of getting to know each other better, which means we get to know who’s in the group.   Our Members Directory gives you a great insight into who does what and who can help you in your biz. And it’s our thriving Members Facebook group where the conversations start and continue.  


And what about the ever-changing business world?  It feels like a full time job keeping on top of trends, techniques and tips to grow your business. Thrive Collective has a Members Hub with over 30 hours of recorded training from various  guest experts to access at any time. All included!

At each event, whether that’s online or in-person there is always a guest speaker who shares valuable training and insight in key areas of business.  Online sessions are recorded and available in the Members Hub.


Come and immerse yourself in the exclusive Members Only Facebook Community. Packed full of inspiration, conversations, a place if you need a pick me up or the opposite – a bum kick to get you moving on something you’re avoiding.  We know the positive impact of surrounding yourself with like-minded people.  This happens here 24/7.

What Can I Expect From Thrive?

When you join the Thrive Collective Club, you’ll receive immediate access to all of the following benefits.

Member Only Events

Join us each month virtually or at one of our in-person meet ups to build your visibility, grow your connections and learn from our guest experts who deliver helpful and practical training at each of our events.

The Online Members Hub

You'll have 24/7 access to the online Members Hub that provides all training, worksheets, resources, information, Members Directory and events information.

Members Directory

Looking for help in your business, keen to grow your connections in a particular field, or are you simply curious who's in Thrive? We've got an up to date Members Directory where you can search for names, industry information or key search terms.

Members Only Facebook Community

Where the chat happens! Conversations, connections, creative feedback, bum kicks and virtual high-fives. Come and hang out with your fellow Thrivers for support on whatever you need in your biz.

Guest Speakers

Whether you want to hear from our guest speakers (online or in real life) or be a guest speaker, becoming a Member of Thrive gives you that option. Our online guest speaker sessions are all recorded and saved in our Members Hub.

Raise your visibility

Not only will you be able to raise your business visibility at our events and in our community but we're introducing more member blogs, interviews and our twice a year virtual festivals, Thrive Fest. As a Member you'll have access to all of these aswell as Member social media shout outs.

Tell me more about thrive

We're a UK wide group

Whilst we started out meeting in-person in Hertfordshire, we meet online twice a month which is great way to expand our connections and network. Our in-person events are currently held in Bishop’s Stortford, Chelmsford and London and we’re keen to expand into further UK towns and cities. Fancy joining Team Thrive and hosting your own Meet Up? Let’s talk.

Every woman welcome

We welcome all female entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners. We strongly believe in community over competition and actively promote collaborations. This is why there are no ‘lockouts’. So whether you’ve just set up your business or been trading for a number of years, Thrive will be there to support and cheerlead you and your business on.

Networking and support

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Whilst we’re networking and growing our business, Thrive has been created to enrich your personal and professional development. Each event includes an element of training and sharing from industry experts within Thrive and within the Members Hub you’ll find over 30 hours of recorded training in key business areas.

Thrivers Thriving - Member Thoughts

"As a photographer I work on my own and being part of the Thrive community lets me feel a part of team. I have made connections and friends for life and the support and help given has enabled my business to grow and succeed beyond my expectations"
Founder of HJ Photography
"Thrive Collective has given me the opportunity to meet some truly inspiring women. I’m a part of a community filled with like-minded professionals that inspire and empower me to keep going when times get tough"
Kate Male
Graphic Designer and founder of Kate Male
"Thrive Collective has everything you need as a woman in business, all in one place! The training included is extensive and covers a wide range of business topics. Most of all, Sam exudes so much energy, passion and knowledge that she has gathered the most amazing tribe of women who are so supportive. Love the Thrive Community!"
Emma Osborne
Founder of Hushaboo
"Thrive collective is the most wonderful supportive community of women. Each and everyone has got each others backs, we listen, we lift when one is down, we celebrate when we achieve and we thrive together through the rough and the smooth!"
Shelley Boswrorth Coaching
Founder of Shelley Bosworth Coaching

Meet Sam

I’m a huge fan of supporting female led businesses. I’ve launched and run 4 of my own businesses over the past 8 years and I totally get the trials and tribulations of launching and scaling your own business.

I know from experience how helpful, how powerful and how invaluable it is to have inspiring, honest and action taking women around you. Which is why I set up Thrive Collective alongside my Marketing Consultancy, Thrive With Sam Dixon.

Thrive is a flexible, fun and supportive place to connect, collaborate, learn and thrive.

So whether you’re just starting out, or established in business, Thrive Collective is the place to help you take action and be inspired.

I look forward to seeing you in there!



Meet Some Of Our Members

Sharan Patel

Life With Petals

Cathy Dowden

Miller & Keane

Andrea Pugh

It Won’t Cost The Earth

Jo Boxer

Boxer Creatives

Joanna Shurety


Gill Sharpe


join team Thrive

It’s the Thrive mission to grow the in-person meet ups to more towns and cities across the UK.

So if you’re already part of Thrive Collective and keen to launch your own Meet Up or if you haven’t joined yet because there isn’t a group near you, let’s talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, simply log into your online account and cancel membership or email us and we will do it for you. 

Whilst we have meet ups in real life we also have two virtual meet ups a month.  One in the daytime and one in the evening.  So there really is something for everyone.  There is a huge amount of support, training and opportunities to receive support online.    Our online events are all included in your membership.  In-person events are for members and payable per event.  

Here at Thrive Collective we’re big on community over comeptition.  All women are welcome.  When it comes to networking we don’t have have any lock out / one category policies.  So yes, there’s a chance there will be Members doing something similar to you.  Just think of the collaborative opportunities!